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Heart of Illinois Special Recreation Association (HISRA)

Heart of Illinois Special Recreation Association

HISRA is a cooperative extension of the Chillicothe, Peoria, Morton, and Washington Park Districts. Its mission is to provide quality recreation programs and services to individuals with disabilities and special needs. HISRA and its member districts enthusiastically support the spirit and intent of the Americans With Disabilities Act. HISRA is committed to providing opportunities for each individual to enjoy recreation activities in the least restrictive environment possible.

HISRA Volunteers

Volunteers are special people who share their time, knowledge, and spirit with HISRA participants.  HISRA would like to thank those volunteers who have devoted their time and energy to the success of our programs. If you would like to join the HISRA volunteer staff, please contact us.  We’ll put your skills to great use!

Most information on HISRA programs, staff, policies, and registration can be found on the HISRA Website or inside our latest brochure.  To request a brochure please contact:

Heart of Illinois Special Recreation Association (HISRA)
8727 N. Pioneer Road
Peoria, IL 61615
Phone: 309-691-1929
Fax: 309-691-4383

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